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Photo Gallery of Old Flint (Pre-1942)

I found these pictures on Ebay from an old postcard grouping.   I have posted them to share with others. 

Flint Michigan some time early 1940 possibly before.  I would like to add more pictures of Flint if anyone has some please send them to me.  Someone mentioned a Picture of the Mural on the Peerless building the Vernors one. If someone would email it or send it I'll be happy to send it back.

If you click on the picture it will enlarge.  Also you can view the picture as large as it really is by turning off the "enable auto image resize" under "Tools" Advanced" then under the "Multimedia"

Current Delphi... soon to be empty space.

I believe it is still there

Empty Space Now

All Empty Space

I could have made a mint on this had I purchased it at auction for 2000.00

Gone also

Now Kettering University

IMA.. I mean Auto World... I mean Empty Lot

Gone also

If anyone has some dates to put with these buildings please let me know.  Email Me.

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